Babies and Children
Babies and Children

Why might babies need osteopathic treatment?

During and after childbirth, the focus is often on the health of the mother, but what of the baby?
The journey from the womb to the big wide world can place enormous pressures on a baby as it is squeezed along the birth canal. Much of our work with infants and toddlers involves assessing their body for stresses and strains acquired in early life, perhaps through the physical force of birth or being confined in a cramped space whilst still in the womb.
We treat many children whose parents/carers seek help for a wide range of symptoms and problems. Musculoskeletal tension can not only cause discomfort but also affect the way a child develops movement and posture. For example, babies are unable to accurately explain how they feel except by crying, not sleeping or by exhibiting feeding problems which causes many midwives and health visitors to refer young children to osteopaths who have experience in this field. In older infants there may be similar patterns of tension which may become apparent in more complex ways involving behaviour and development. When treating older children we often provide advice and treatment aimed at posture, injuries and musculoskeletal pain.

When working with youngsters, and especially with babies, osteopaths use very gentle techniques suitable for even quite fragile children.  

Babies and Children

For specific advice on osteopathic treatments available for babies and children, call Stella Arden & Associates in
Louth on 01507 307 731
or Woodhall Spa on 01526 354 324

If you are at all concerned about your baby please contact your GP immediately. Should you want to discuss whether osteopathy may be able to help, please either contact us directly or speak to your GP.
Babies and Children
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